Why Hire Us ?

When people wonder to hire a private investigator they have so many questions but have no one to ask. That is why we have compiled a list of the most common questions hoping that many people will find the answers they need.

Q. How much does it cost to hire a private investigator?

A. One of the reasons why people decide to use our services is because we deliver outstanding results for a very affordable fee. The cost will depend on the service we provide and the specifics of the case as every situation is different and requires new approach. If YOU are willing to go over the details for your investigation please feel free to contact us and we will send you the estimated cost for the service you need.

Q. I am hesitant about calling a private investigator as I don’t know what will happen?

A. This is very normal and common amongst a lot of people. Once you contact us we will connect you with some of our agents. Every agent who works on our team has many years of experience working on versatile cases, so therefore egardless of your problem they will be able to help.

Q. Will the information I share with you remain confidential?

A. Absolutely!

Whatever you decide to share with us will remain 100% confidential. When you pick up the phone and start talking with one of our member of team, the entire communication becomes confidential and whatever you say will never be passed to anyone else.#

Q. If I ask you to perform surveillance on someone, will that person know what I did?

A. Every agent on our team is very skillful and well trained. That means that they know how to keep a low profile and don’t reveal themselves in front of the subject they are following. If we know that the subject is alert then we will suggest other non-evasive techniques that will provide safe and covert investigation.

The surveillance technique is one of the most complex ones and only experienced agents can do that without being caught!… IF for any reason we believe that the cover can be blown we will take a step back and let everything cool down before we proceed.

Q. Are the services you offer legal?

A. Everything we do is absolutely legal. Everyone is allowed to take photos in a public area and we take advantage of that to provide the evidence we need.

Q. Do you have a license?

A. According to the UK laws private investigators don’t need licenses. We are members of the (WAD) World Association of Detectives, which is a CLEAR SIGN that we are doing everything by the books; otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to take part in their organisation.

Q. I don’t want anyone to know about our cooperation. Can that remain between us?


We will never contact you or tell anyone that you are using our services. To avoid any unpleasant situations we will always agree with you upfront about the method of communication and find the channel that is most convenient for you.

Q. Which payment methods can I use?

A. We accept almost all forms of payments. You can pay us by cheque, PayPal, or cash, whichever works for YOU the best. Before we start with the investigation we will agree on the payment method that is most suitable for you to avoid any misunderstandings in future.

Q. What if I need you to trace someone immediately?

A. Call us and we will see what we can do.