Low – High Frequency Electronic Bug Device Detection

Bug sweep is an inspection performed by experienced Intelligence Operatives. This is done in 3 phases- over 2 days using the lastest TSCM tecnology.
A Bug sweep inspection or TSCM Sweep guarantees that we will find ANY devices secreted in your workplace, home or any other means to gain access to your personal and confidential information.
This service is of absolute importance not only to find any bugs or devices that may be hidden, but to find the persons who placed them there too.
All evidence we collect is done so in a fully court-admissible manner, so if you need to go to trial with your case, the evidence analysis report will be your evidence.
Our bug sweep Operative team are highly trained and experienced. They come from former Intelligence Unit Gendarmerie and have decades of experience on bug sweeps. They are at continuous training events nationally and Globally, as well as following up on everyday technology updates.

100% of the time, we don`t miss anything!

Hidden Camera Detection
If they are there, we will find them.

As technology changes, hidden cameras and audios get smaller and are made easier to conceal. They are available online and are relatively inexpensive.
At SIR Detective Investigation and Consulting Services, Bug Sweep and TSCM Sweep are guaranteed to find any hidden devices on your premises, at work, at home or anywhere information can be attained.
SIR guarantee services and offer a ‘FREE’ test procedure service before taking on your job.

Our Inspection Team will find any and all hidden devices.

Anyone can have hidden devices. We have found that mostly they are in the homes of person going through a family law matter-such as; divorce or child custody.
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We have confidence and are known not to fail in finding hidden devices for;
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