Why You Should Hire Our Private Investigators

SIR Detective Investigation & Consulting Services our skip tracers have been locating people throughout the entire country, the world, and locally for over 29 years.
We know how sensitive it is if you have a kidnapped or spouse abducted child, runaway teenager, or loved ones who have disappeared.
For this reason, we opened a specialised missing persons division.
Our fees are affordable and our success rate is very high.
With our investigative techniques, databases, network of private investigators and good old fashioned gum shoe foot work we will help you solve your case.


Missing Person Categories

A missing person defined by our investigators falls into three categories.
Category one is a person who left their location voluntarily. This person could be a friend, relative, or lost lover that you just never kept in touch with over the years. The runaway teenager falls into this category. However, this category, this person could be a dead beat parent who has not paid child support, someone who has legal troubles, or people who owe debts.
The second category we call the skip. This person also left their location voluntarily but the skip tracing is more difficult. These people are usually criminals and are running from the law.
The third category is the hardest to deal with emotionally. This person did not leave their location not voluntarily such as abductions or kidnappings.


If you are looking for a lost loved one, contact one of our private investigators today.


Missing Person Cases

Biological Parents     —-  Adoptees —-  Friends and Lost Loves 

Missing Child  —-   Missing Heirs  —-  Runaway Teenagers  —-  Missing Spouse 

Corporate Embezzler Debtors     

Legal Support